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Google Presentations makes it easier to collaborate with team members or clients

Date: 28-06-2012
Author: Bit Software

We’ve all been frustrated by technology that gets slower, less reliable and less useful over time. But Google Apps is different. It actually gets better week after week, without patches or updates to manage. People can absorb this stream of innovation without being distracted from their workflow.

Earlier this month, Google Docs received a number of updates and new features to help improve user experience. Now Google has focused its attention on Presentations and introduced a new feature called Discussions for easy collaboration with others, and more than 50 new features.

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Google Calendar - the ideal tool for managing personal and professional schedules

Date: 21-06-2012
Author: Bit Software

 Desktop calendar applications are great if you're always at your desk or if you're diligent about synchronizing with your tablet or smartphone. But if you like to travel light, it may be time for you to switch to a calendar that you can access from any Internet terminal. Also, you have a club, team or company and you want to be sure that everyone knows about upcoming events or everyone is available in a specific day and hour for an important business meeting.

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Google Docs`s Research Bar - finding handy info without ever leaving the page

Date: 15-06-2012
Author: Bit Software

Google has added a new Research bar to Google Docs to help users browse Google for information while working on an article or paper. Google Docs' new sidebar appears along the right-hand side of your document and will show you different types of results: web results, images, quotations, maps, reviews, and more.

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Special Offer for Google Apps for Business

Date: 12-06-2012
Author: Bit Software

Technology inevitably gets more complicated as it gets older. Therefore, upgrading platforms and adding more features will make your systems increasingly difficult to manage and complex to use. So, at times like these, your company needs an approach based on entirely modern technologies, designed for today’s world. Your company needs Google Apps.

Companies that are buying Google Apps for Bus

iness from BITSoftware, until June 30, 2012, will receive free Google account installation and activation support and free DNS hosting. For more information please send an email at alexandru.enache@bitsoftware.ro or call at 0368.412121.

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