We have released a new version for Socrate+ ERP

Date: 20-06-2011
Author: Bit Software

For any manufacturer and supplier of integrated management systems, the launch of an ERP solution is not an endpoint, but rather a new beginning. Because any such solution requires, over time, updating, correlation with legislation changes and functional adaptations designed to help users to improve / control / optimize businesses as much as possible.

BITSoftware remains faithful to its commitment of helping its customers and partners to manage their businesses in an efficient manner, continuously improving its ERP solutions. Therefore, it was launched Socrate+ 2011.06 version, with a series of enhancements to scalability, usability and functionality in Production, Commercial, POS, Treasury and Administration modules.
With the new Socrate+, retailers have the ability to manage different formats stores, to define package type items for POS and to automatically manage the reception differences that may arise in stores. Significant changes have also been made on Projects, where it was introduced the possibility of acquisition data directly from the contract when a new project is generated. It has also been created the possibility of generating a customer invoice and shipping notices directly from the Project.
Starting with this release, there is the possibility to verify the correctness and uniqueness of the fiscal identification code (CIF) at the moment of defining a customer or supplier.
The 2011.06 version includes, also, other functional improvements like: the import of supliers notices from xls file, improving the online banking integration mechanism, control the deliveries and returns for distribution and the hourly rates definition per employee (with standard cost & income establishing and planning OHE per worker).



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