MicroStrategy Mobile for Android

Date: 05-10-2011
Author: Bit Software

MicroStrategy Mobile for Android was released last Friday. I know the majority of smartphone users are on the Android platform. To that end, there's already been some good information made available, so I wanted to collect it and share it here.
There was some good information in this forum post:
Useful tech notes:

  • TN37498: MicroStrategy Mobile 9.2.1m Minimum Requirements and Certified/Supported Devices for Android
  • TN37507: Features Comparison between Android and iOS for MicroStrategy Mobile 9.2.1m
  • TN37502: List of known issues and limitation in MicroStrategy Mobile 9.2.1m for Android
  • MicroStrategy Mobile Webcasts:
    The 9.2.1a name for this release will be familiar to those who recall the 9.0.1m release last summer that included the first Mobile Server offering including the iOS mobile app. The interesting thing about 9.0.1m was that it was a fork in the product. Hotfixes 2 and 3 for 9.0.1 were not available for 9.0.1m, and the products weren't merged again until 9.0.2 which came out 3 1/2 months later. I was a little cautious about the same thing happening here, but comments in that forum post imply that this has not happened this time around and future 9.2.1 hot fixes will apply to this one too. Interestingly, 9.2.1 HF3 was released the same day, so we'll see.
    by Bryan Brandow
    (This article was first published on Bryan`s MicroStrategy Blog)


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