MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence, an Cloud-based BI Solution

Date: 24-03-2011
Author: Bit Software

As is announced on their blog, the MicroStrategy BI software platform will be available as a service in the cloud. With MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence, MicroStrategy will host and maintain the entire BI environment, including servers, operating system, MicroStrategy 9 software and network. As they said on official MicroStrategy website, „MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence is expected to offer elastic capacity to meet the availability and performance requirements necessary for critical BI reporting and analysis, supporting both small usage patterns for departmental BI applications, as well as the high-scale usage patterns for extranet applications”. With MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence, which is currently in beta testing, subscribers will have full access to MicroStrategy Technical Support for assistance. Cloud Intelligence can be a means of providing the best configuration, support, and maintenance straight from MicroStrategy by offering it through the cloud. If you need more informations about it, take a look to http://blog.microstrategy.com/2011/02/wrap-up-of-microstrategy-world-2011/#more-657



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