Gmail in personal search results

Date: 24-08-2012
Author: Bit Software

Google often experimenting with new functions throughout its services portfolio. Although such features are rarely open for regular users, this time we are dealing with an exception to the rule.


Google has begun offering more details about the possibility of integrating Gmail messages, related to the searched keywords, among the results to a common search. Thankfully, personal emails aren't arbitrary slips through those results, so that can not be seen by everyone. But how does it works this new Google`s functionality? It is quite simple.

If you have this function activated, in the upper right corner of the results window you will see a button, which allows you to view those email conversations that are suitable for that search. In other words, that contain the keywords used in search.

If you want to read an email or a conversation made up of several emails, it is enough to click on the message and you will see a new window with those information. There is also the possibility to be transferred to the Gmail interface, but this option is not implied.

To experiment the new feature, it is enough to access and subscribe. This trial is only accessible on in English and for addresses (not available on Google Apps accounts). Due to limited capacity and initial setup, you will receive an email confirmation from Google when your account is ready.


Sources: Google Enterprise, Google Official Blog, PC World



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