Focus on challenge, not on software

Date: 29-03-2011
Author: Bit Software

I've discovered, on, an excellent article about the needs of companies in the process of implementing an ERP solution, signed by Steve Kane, from Broadpoint Technologies.

On Kane's point of view, „every year, more than 10% of the market is looking for a new system to implement that solves a problem or challenge they are facing”, although „Nobody needs a new system!”. Why? Because buyers are requesting for solutions that meet requirements without defining their challenges first.

According to Kane, many of ERP changes are chaotic, based on ERP brand awareness and not on its effective functionality. And the result is just one: companies leaves disappointed with their selected solution. And this because the expectations aren’t met and goals aren’t achieved. Why? Because they were never set in the first place.

The conclusion reached by Kane is that: „What every company needs is a solution to a problem, to their business challenges. And it’s time we start putting our business challenges before requirements.”



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