Does company size matter for Collaborative Cloud?

Date: 23-03-2011
Author: Bit Software

I read recently, on LinkedIn, a debate about how firm size does or doesnt matter when you want to switch to using Collaborative Cloud. And the conclusion of the debate was that company size does not matter when it comes to the collaborative cloud. The myth that says that collaborative cloud roll-outs is just for small companies has been dismantled by most of the participants to the discussion. According to them, the truth is that the large companies have much more to benefit from collaborative cloud, both from a change management and behavioral change standpoint. And this because collaborative cloud is built on social media driven technology. It’s built to be intuitive, easy to adapt and easy to roll-out. Social media driven technology is designed to bring individuals together, communicate together, knowledge share together. The question is why would large companies step away from this opportunity. Some of the views expressed in the debate you can read here. But what is your answer?



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