Business Intelligence just got personal with MicroStrategy Cloud Personal

Date: 13-10-2011
Author: Bit Software

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal is a free service that lets you visualize your data easily. MicroStrategy Cloud Personal uses MicroStrategy’s fast, reliable and secure Cloud Intelligence infrastructure. There is no software to install or manage. You can upload and analyze your data in minutes. No more waiting for support from your IT department!

With MicroStrategy Cloud Personal you’re up and running in a few clicks. Anyone can do it. And more important, you’re in control. Cause Cloud Personal is 100% self-service: no lines, no waiting, and no back-and-forth with IT.

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal is also smarter than a spreadsheet. With just a few clicks, you can apply the power of visual intelligence to your data – graph it, slice it, filter it. With Cloud Personal, you can publish your dashboard to a blog or share it using Facebook or Twitter.

So, take a look and make Business Intelligence personal!

And if you are interested, you can register for a live webinar on Wednesday, November 2.



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