Statements about mobile business intelligence, BI trends and cloud computing

Date: 13-09-2011
Author: Bit Software

I recently read an interesting interview about mobile business intelligence, BI trends and cloud computing with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. The interview was made by Jason Stamper from Computer Business Review, who is now widely regarded throughout Europe as „The Economist” of the IT industry.

What caught my attention was Michael Saylor`s statement about BI trends: „There are three electric waves, if not tsunamis, that are striking the technology world right now: the mobile network transformation, the cloud network transformation, and the social network transformation”.

Referring to mobile BI, he said that he was enthusiastic „since really the iPhone 3”. „I think it was an inflection point because it was really the first smartphone with the full power of a computer that could start to run software applications that otherwise you'd have gone on to the web for. Since that point we've seen a progressive transformation and migration from computation on the desktop in the Windows API to computation in the mobile API”, he said. Then, talking about mobile, cloud and social, Saylor stated: „Our company's reaction is to push the accelerator to the floor. We've aggressively increased our software development rate. We've created an application development division to create applications that integrate the social and cloud networks back into our customers' applications and also our own. We've created a Cloud Intelligence division to go ahead and put in place our own backbone.”

And he concluded: „We want to make sure that when four intelligent guys create the next application to help you choose your doctor, or choose where you're going to go or how you're going to live, they can deploy it out to 100,000 or a million people without having to establish a 100-person IT department.”

If you are interested, you can read the entire interview here.



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