Insight into the various factors that drive controlling profitability with SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module

Date: 15-03-2012
Author: Bit Software

Why didn`t we finish the project on time? Which are the reasons why we exceeded the budget? Do we have enough available employees to start a new project? In financial terms, is it profitable to begin this project?

If your company`s activity is based on projects, it`s impossible to not ask yourself at least one of the questions above​​, at some point. Because monitoring the efficiency and controlling the project’s fulfillment are essential for this type of companies.

Therefore, a Project Manager must have real time access to information like employees performance, project cost and time, in order to control the profitability of the project.

With SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module, all those information are available with just a click. Build on MicroStrategy platform, this module takes advantage of the rich reporting and analytical features of MicroStrategy products: reporting flexibility, segmentation and custom group capabilities, ad hoc analysis, advanced metrics and drilling, etc.

Using SocrateBI PCAM, managers can:

  • find out the hours spent on project, the remained, working days until the end of project, the available working hours and the number of days considering work lead (how long does a working day lasts) and resources (how many people will be available for that period of time).
  • find the number of projects planned to start in each year as well as the number of finished projects.
  • view the time an employee has spent on a particular project, phase and task in the current week, last week or any other past week, or in a particular month.
  • view the number of projects planned to start by each category, or the number of planned to end projects versus the projects which has actually ended.
  • view the project fulfillment for each project and the time spent since the beginning of the year.

For companies, the benefits of using PCAM are also various:

  • the resources can be allocated to priority projects
  • the new projects can be planned according to employees workload and to older projects status.
  • the combined costs and the amounts collected to each project can be seen
  • the assessment of each project accomplishment can be done by referring to the remaining days, consumed days and allocated budget.

The Project Controlling Analysis Module is easier to implement and customize, allowing analysts, managers and executives to obtain insight into the various factors that drive controlling profitability.