Forecast for social networks in business

Date: 08-12-2010
Author: Bit Software

I read, recently, a Gartner study which shows that increasing the availability of services like social network, coupled with demographics and changing work styles, will do that in 2014 approximately 20% of employees use social networks as the main means of communication for business purposes. While so far the cooperation within an organization based on the e-mail and structured applications, in the future in organizations will be held even a social component convergent with e-mail, instant-messaging and e-presence services, creating new ways of collaborating. This integration will take place and will become effective only when organizations build their platforms and will educate their internal users in the spirit of new paradigm.
How microblogging redefines the way organizations communicate, business communication is evolving. New employees enter into employment with a predisposition to communicate via a social network. The distinction between e-mail and social networking as a means of communication will fade.
On the other hand, even the infrastructure for collaboration within the organization will change. Gartner foresees a transfer to the cloud, leading to an increase in sales for providers of services internalized or externalized in cloud.



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