What is more important for an ERP: the brand or the flexibility and the functionality?

Date: 28-04-2011
Author: Bit Software

I recently followed a discussion on LinkedIn about what is important for an ERP: the brand or the flexibility and the functionality? The discussion had started from a simple question: „X or Y - which is best?” (where X and Y are some of the biggest global ERP suppliers). The conclusion that emerged form that discussion was both and neither. Why? Because it depends on what your business requirements are and on how each vendor met your business needs. Most of the comments made ​​reference to the best way to pick an ERP package. Which is to identify how you need the business to run and then find a package that best fits your business processes. Those involved in the discussion noted that too many people are picking one of the top 5 ERP suppliers without understanding how their business plans to function or if the ERP solution is a good fit for their business processes. They just picking a name, a brand, not a product.
The idea is that the brand should count, but did not override. There are many others factors to be considered, such as to define what is the goal in use, which benefits do the business you want, what are the challenges, what is the main area that needs supported, what will be the need in 2 years time and, last but not least, focus on how the license policy and payment is after „go live”. And so you will find that there are other alternatives that probably fits better your business needs. Maybe the top 5 ERP suppliers have the brand, but others have the flexibility and the functionality. Which are more important for an ERP than the brand.