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Remote work, the new normal

Date: 07-08-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi

The remote work came overnight before we could really test how the work with the entire remote team would work. We had to find the necessary resources to face the new professional challenges and the new face of the professional environment, the new virtual and collective workspace.


The teams had to adapt to the new working conditions, and this also meant keeping and improving our distance communication and collaborative work skills, because at work everything became virtual - meetings with customers , daily or weekly meetings with the team, documents and even conversations with colleagues "in the hallway".

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Cloud-based email, saving time and money

Date: 17-05-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi

The experience of the last 2 months has shown us (if needed) that the present and the future are in the cloud. In order to be able to carry out our activity in the best conditions, without hassle, from wherever we are, whether we stay at home or return to the office, the applications that are in the cloud help us more. And the first thing we need every day when we start our work day is email.


Because we are organized people and we like lists, let's see the list of benefits that the cloud-based email brings.

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New pricing for the G Suite Basic and Business editions

Date: 14-03-2019
Author: Camelia Mihai


Over the last ten years, G Suite has grown to provide more tools, functionality and value to help businesses transform the way they work. The one thing that hasn't changed over this time is price. Google announces two incremental list price updates to reflect this value. 


Starting on April 2, 2019, G Suite Basic Edition will increase by $1 (from $5 to $6 per user/month) and G Suite Business Edition will increase by $2 (from $10 to $12 per user/month).

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Manage your time more efficiently with the new G Suite Calendar

Date: 23-10-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

The new G SuiteCalendar comes with a fresh look and new features designed to help us manage our time and tasks more efficiently, but also to better prepare for them.

More details about the meeting rooms

G Suite administrators now have the ability to enter detailed meeting room information so that employees know where they are located, how big they are, and whether they have audio and video playback equipment that may be needed for presentations.

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GSuite - new tools for optimizing teamwork

Date: 04-04-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

Google Drive has always made it easy for individuals to safely store, sync and share files. But as larger companies move to the cloud, there's more to think about — like the risk of data breaches, bumpy migrations, and compatibility with legacy tools. Our team has been working hard to solve these complexities for the enterprise. That’s why we're introducing powerful additions to Drive that can help your organization:

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Google rebrands its business apps as G Suite and announces new upgrades

Date: 04-11-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi

At the end of September Google Apps for Work celebrated 10 years and has decided to change its name to G Suite. In addition to this rebranding, Google announced a series of enhancements and new functionalities for G Suite, which includes applications such as Drive, Docs, Calendar or Hangouts.

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