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Construction companies pushed by the current context to prioritize and accelerate digitalization

Date: 24-11-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

The construction industry is increasingly pressured, but also encouraged, to adopt new digital tools. The construction market is at a key moment caused by the increase in the prices of raw materials, the lack of qualified labor in the field, but also the continuous adaptation to the sustainability requirements that companies must meet. Digital transformation and automation in construction are the first steps that the construction industry must take as quickly as possible.

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WMS is a critical solution for warehouse performance

Date: 16-11-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

With the massive expansion of technology, the profile of markets has changed both in the business to business and business to consumer fields. Orders must be delivered in the shortest possible time, with the highest possible accuracy and the lowest possible costs. At the same time, the product portfolio has diversified, each business dealing with an increasing number of products.

On the other hand, there are special requirements, such as batch traceability required by legal regulations in fields such as pharmaceutical or food, or traceability of single batches in order to ensure the guarantee of products such as electronic devices or car parts. In this context, coordinating the activity in a warehouse involves some extremely difficult, if not impossible, tasks without the assistance of specialized software.

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Digitalization, indispensable to meet logistical challenges

Date: 10-11-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

The mix of challenges in the logistics industry forces companies to exploit the opportunities to the maximum, to rethink their business model and processes according to the digital paradigm. The logistics industry, although it has an increased resistance to change due to the complexity of the processes, is among those for which digitization brings the greatest benefits.

Digital transformation requires new digital business models for companies that want to remain profitable and maintain their market position. Like most industries, transport and logistics are currently facing a series of important changes, which bring both risks and many opportunities: new technologies, changing customer expectations and new business models. Thus, logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change as digitalization takes hold and customer expectations evolve.

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Optimizing the warehouse for performance. Basic principles for effective warehouse management

Date: 08-11-2022

Whether we are talking about distribution, retail, logistics services or manufacturing companies, their performance and profitability is based, to a large extent, on the efficiency and productivity of the warehouse. When it is well organized, and the activities in the warehouse are carried out efficiently, the financial results are adequate.

What does optimization for performance mean and what are the basic principles for effective warehouse management? Keep reading for finding out.

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