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What to expect when you implement an ERP for construction

Date: 28-10-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi



Typical reactions associated with implementing and using an ERP solution come in a wide range. They start from "it is very different than it was before" and they end with "wow, what a difference!". What makes the difference? Choosing the right ERP system should be based primarily on the operational side - how well does the system meet the business requirements of a company in the construction business.

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Rampad uses SocrateCloud ERP for Construction

Date: 05-10-2016
Author: Anca Cazacu


SocrateCloud ERP for Construction and SocrateBI provides support to Rampad Management Team. Rampad operates in constructions, ironworks, metal structures and aluminium and PVC carpentry and generated a turnover of 3 million Euro in 2015.

Rampad is part of Metabras Group which has a history of nearly 22 years on the Romanian market. Metabras was established 5 years after the Revolution as a family business and it is one of the most famous manufancturers and traders of steel rebar reinforcements, wrought iron elements, welded wire and other steel products for constructions. In the nearly 22 years of activity, the group had served 2,000 loyal customers and delivered 164,000 tons of shaped and cut steel, 7,200 homes were built and 2800 kg of nails were produced.

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