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Digitization and automation in FMCG with the help of specialized solutions

Date: 29-03-2023
Author: Alina Răfoi

IGD has identified the main trends that will influence the global retail & FMCG market in 2023. With inflation driving a significant increase in production costs and retail prices in most markets, organizations will focus heavily this year on optimizing costs, improving the efficiency of distribution networks and will look for new ways to deliver added value to consumers.

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BITSoftware offers a full range of software solutions to companies in the FMCG sector

Date: 23-03-2023
Author: Alina Răfoi

Currently, companies in the FMCG field are very quickly feeling the challenges brought by this very hectic period. The obstacles in the supply chain, the very frequent changes in purchase prices, the lack of raw materials, the cautious behavior of consumers - these are the most frequently mentioned challenges by managers of FMCG companies in Romania.

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