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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Date: 22-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

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Complete control over project’s fulfillment with SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module

Date: 15-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

As we announced a month ago, SocrateBI solution is composed of several modules, so we will continue to talk today about PCAM (Project Controlling Analysis Module), addressed to companies working on projects.

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We have a special offer for Google Apps Premier Edition

Date: 14-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

The environment around us is changing fast. The amount of information increases. Many of them are related to business, many are personal, but all of them are important. And managing all this information became very difficult. Furthermore, the collaboration is a key element in today’s business. And since the Internet is everywhere, our expectation is to make the data available anytime and anywhere, in order to act quickly, but in a secure environment.

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SocrateBI’s Sales and Customer Analysis Module provides insight into customer behavior that drives customer profitability

Date: 06-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

Understanding what motivates customers to do business with an organization is a fundamental aspect of today’s customer-centric business environment. To succeed, organizations must quickly identify changes in customer tastes and preferences and act to improve the overall customer experience.

„How can we optimize customer profitability?” „How can we control marketing campaign ROI?” „Who are the customers that make multiple purchases?” „Why have we lost some high value customers?” Those are just a few questions to which sales people and marketers must answer. In order to give answers, they must capture many different types of customer data: attitudinal, behavioral, transactional, and more. But all those data must be analyzed in order to achieve a customer behavior understanding.

When we talk about analytic process, we mean two levels: historical and predictive. Provided by OLAP cubes, historical analysis is an important component of customer understanding, revealing past customers activity.

Instead, predictive analytics provides a clear picture of what is going to happen, enabling marketers and sales person to understand the key factors that drive customer value and loyalty, and attract more customers. That is what SocrateBI’s Sales and Customer Analysis Module (SCAM) does.

Based on information provided by SCAM, the marketers and sales people can:

- understand and define customer behaviors;

- identify customer demographics;

- monitor shopping habits;

- identify product preferences.

- identifying the appropriate target audience and products for designing cross sell campaigns

- identify products with increasing/decreasing revenue

- identify potential products, that can be used for a cross sell campaign

- what percent of customers contribute the top 10% of profits in a given month

- analyze quantities, revenue and operating margin for two periods of time

- see how revenues and discounts are divided amongst items

- identify sold quantities and sales value of agents per week

- emphasizes the monthly trend of the Operating Revenue

- identify product category contribution to operating revenue

And all those in order to develop targeted offers and match a specific offer to a specific individual.

They can also manage customers information to create and execute marketing campaigns, knowing which messages and offers to send, to whom and when to send them. They can also forecast campaign ROI by measuring & extrapolating campaign results in real-time of previous similar campaigns & similar target market.

SocrateBI uses MicroStrategy 9.2.1a as development and production environment platform, allowing access to the latest features available in MicroStrategy platform: MicroStrategy Mobile, Transaction Services or Visual Insight.

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The new version of Socrate+ ERP was released

Date: 02-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

We just released the new 2011.11 version of Socrate+ ERP, which includes more enhancements, especially for companies that activate in Services, Distribution and Retail industries.

Socrate+ 2011.11 includes a complex „Projects” functionality, which allows companies working on projects to plan and track execution of projects, from the financial point of view, on any of their phases. Detailed planning of each step/action/resource, and monitoring the execution of an action are managed by specific Project Management software, Socrate+ 2011.11 allowing the integration with such solutions.

Socrate+ 2011.11 supports also the retail and distribution companies, providing mechanisms that automate the printing process of shelf price labels directly from a reception, that generate internal bar-codes and clear the warehouses in case of transfer or restructuring.

For more information about our new version of Socrate+ ERP you can read the press release.

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