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SocrateRM can help IT companies maximize their performance

Date: 23-02-2021
Author: Ioana Boie

In a business environment that is continuously changing, in a rhythm accelerated by the actual context, the need to adapt is more critical than ever.


For IT companies offering implementation and consultancy services, it is a must to satisfy their customers’ needs, as they occur; to be there for their customers, to provide them the best solutions, and to do it on time; all these, while keeping their company profitable as well.

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The future and efficiency of operational activity through mobile applications

Date: 16-02-2021

The future, especially of the field activity, will be carried out and monitored mainly with the help of cloud technologies and products, as well as mobile applications.


BITSoftware products and services support the Professional Services area and help companies with modern technical solutions, developed in the cloud, which know the API technology for various integrations, depending on the needs of the business.

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The role of the project manager on the construction site

Date: 10-02-2021
Author: Alina Răfoi

Some time ago, I was doing a brief review of the main tasks and the role of the project manager in the construction area. Regardless of the type of construction project, whether we are talking about civil, commercial or industrial projects, the “reins” of the  project are in the hands of the project manager. He is the one who organizes, plans and coordinates the activities and resources on site, verifies and controls the construction works, ensures that he has at his disposal all the material, financial and human resources necessary for each stage of the project, ensures the training of subordinate staff. and ensure that technologies for the execution and operation and maintenance of equipment are complied with.

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What will ERP solutions look like in the future? Here are the ERP trends for 2021.

Date: 03-02-2021
Author: Alina Răfoi

ERP solutions know changes and evolutions that are good to keep in mind, especially in the context of the speed with which new technologies are rapidly changing the world in which we live. This year we are counting on increasing the appetite and interest in SocrateERP, and not only, because the ERP system is the basis for the digital transformation that we are forced (or, to be gentler, encouraged) to do, especially in the context created by pandemic.


Let's take a look at some of the trends announced by Gartner that have begun to make their presence felt in recent years, but which will definitely define ERP solutions in the years to come.

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