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Data mining and predictive analysis with MicroStrategy - Business Intelligence Solution

Date: 29-03-2012
Author: Bit Software

Business Intelligence Solution


Organizations gain a competitive advantage when they can increase the sophistication of their BI applications. One way to achieve this is to move beyond basic historical reporting and evolve to strategic, predictive analytics and alerts that help anticipate the likelihood of a future event, such as customer churn. Your business are as full of information like the DNA, and precious as gold. All you have to do is learning how to discover them. And use them. And with MicroStrategy Data mining and predictive analysis you can extract everything that is valuable from your data.

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Improve sales, perform market basket analysis and cross-sell opportunities by using SocrateBI

Date: 23-03-2012
Author: Bit Software

If your company activates in retail, distribution, services, telecom, or in any other consumer-oriented business environment, you know that understanding customer motivation to do or not do a certain acquisition is essential for your business survival and development. You need to quickly identify changes in consumer tastes and preferences and act immediately to improve their experiences.

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Insight into the various factors that drive controlling profitability with SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module

Date: 15-03-2012
Author: Bit Software

Why didn`t we finish the project on time? Which are the reasons why we exceeded the budget? Do we have enough available employees to start a new project? In financial terms, is it profitable to begin this project?

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