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Be more productive, not just busy

Date: 27-11-2018
Author: Simona David

Let's just be honest, we're all busy every day and we're pulling hard to solve all the tasks in our daily agenda, but we're not always as productive. In the sales area, recurring tasks can make you waste valuable time and sales opportunities. Even for sales managers time spent tracking the team, monitoring the smooth running of activities and the entire sales process is a very long time consuming.

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SocrateERP - a Cloud vs. On-premise comparison

Date: 06-11-2018
Author: Alina Răfoi

Even if the global trend is to adopt cloud solutions, there are still companies who want to implement ERP on-premise solutions or are undecided about choosing cloud vs. on premise.

The main differences come from how they are installed, but also from the price. On-premise ERP systems are installed on client servers and require the presence of an IT department. Customisations typically require specialised resources and are time consuming and costly. Updates are made against the cost and should be done carefully so as not to override special customisations and settings made previously.

For cloud solutions, you do not need hardware, and users access the software in a web browser, and updates are done automatically. Cloud applications are easy to improve over time, but on-premise systems are prone to remain on older versions for a longer period of time because they are more difficult to update.

The difference between pricing models demonstrates that SocrateERP's cloud version has a lower start-up cost than the on-premise version.

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