GSuite - new tools for optimizing teamwork

Date: 04-04-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

Google Drive has always made it easy for individuals to safely store, sync and share files. But as larger companies move to the cloud, there's more to think about — like the risk of data breaches, bumpy migrations, and compatibility with legacy tools. Our team has been working hard to solve these complexities for the enterprise. That’s why we're introducing powerful additions to Drive that can help your organization:

  • Create, share and work confidently as a team with Team Drives
  • Stay in control of sensitive company data with Google Vault for Drive
  • Work seamlessly with the tools you're already using with Drive File Stream

Team Drives: work confidently together in the cloud

Most file storage solutions weren’t built to handle the explosion of files that are now created and shared in the cloud — because they were initially designed for individuals, not teams. With this amount of shared data, admins need more controls to keep their data safe and teams need to feel confident working together. Team Drives deliver the security, structure and ease-of-use enterprises need by making it easy to:

  • Add new team members. You can manage team members individually or with Google Groups and give them instant access to relevant Team Drives.
  • Keep track of your files if a team member leaves. Team Drives are jointly owned by the team, which means that anything added to Team Drives stays there no matter who comes or goes.
  • Understand and manage sharing permissions. Team members automatically see the same files regardless of who adds or reorganizes them. You can also manage share permissions by defining the restrictions for editing, commenting, reorganizing or deleting files.
  • Manage and view Team Drives as an admin. Admins can see Team Drives for a user and add new members if necessary



Keep your sensitive information safe with GSuite Vault

GSuite Vault is an add-on for GSuite that allows storage, archiving, search and export email the entire company for eDiscovery and compliance needs of the organization. The Vault is completely online so there is no installation or software maintenance. The new Google Drive comes with extended capabilities through which administrators can monitor and ensure all files from personal and team drives. This new feature ensures that all your files are completely safe.

Drive File Stream

Say goodbye to time-consuming file syncing and any concerns about disk space. Drive File Stream allows teams to quickly stream files directly from the cloud to their computer. This means that all of your company data can be accessed directly from your laptop, even if you don’t have much space left on your hard drive.


You can purchase and implement GSuite from BITSoftware, which is an authorized partner. BITSoftware ensures professional installation, migration, training and integration with other applications services. Using tools like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Docs, Groups, Drive and Sites can reduce IT costs and help employees collaborate more effectively.


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