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BITSoftware offers 3 new services: Socrate SAF-T, Socrate e-Invoice and Socrate e-Transport as support in the digitization of the tax system

Date: 27-10-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

2022 is a reference year in terms of the evolution of taxation in Romania. ANAF has taken great steps towards digitalization, especially to facilitate the relationship with the business environment. This term is by no means a new one, but its adoption in Romania was difficult and long delayed, bureaucracy remaining one of the most troublesome aspects of business.

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BITSoftware launches SocrateStatements service to generate SAF-T reporting

Date: 17-05-2022
Author: Dora Manolescu

SAF-T reporting (D406) is the most challenging statement for both companies and IT manufacturers. Starting in 2022, the 406 return is mandatory for large taxpayers and will be extended from 2023 to medium taxpayers, and from 2025 for almost all companies.

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