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Ioana Boie

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SocrateRM can help IT companies maximize their performance

Date: 23-02-2021
Author: Ioana Boie

In a business environment that is continuously changing, in a rhythm accelerated by the actual context, the need to adapt is more critical than ever.


For IT companies offering implementation and consultancy services, it is a must to satisfy their customers’ needs, as they occur; to be there for their customers, to provide them the best solutions, and to do it on time; all these, while keeping their company profitable as well.

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Discover SocrateRM - the new Resource Management solution from BITSoftware

Date: 11-11-2020
Author: Ioana Boie

We are thrilled to announce the launch of  SocrateRM, our Resource Management solution to which we have been dedicating our passion and energy for almost 2 years.


SocrateRM is designed for companies that manage different types of projects, work with teams on several projects simultaneously and want to minimize losses by optimizing the allocation of resources.

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