Discover SocrateRM - the new Resource Management solution from BITSoftware

Date: 11-11-2020
Author: Ioana Boie


We are thrilled to announce the launch of  SocrateRM, our Resource Management solution to which we have been dedicating our passion and energy for almost 2 years.


SocrateRM is designed for companies that manage different types of projects, work with teams on several projects simultaneously and want to minimize losses by optimizing the allocation of resources.



Optimise your resources allocation



Deliver quality projects. On time



Maximize your projects’ profitability




Transparency. Visibility. Efficient communication



SocrateRM is a cloud solution which helps you track projects from kick-off to billing. Allocate and use resources efficiently and productively. Increase the profitability and quality of projects.




Reduce the waste time through optimal allocation.
Both from resource and project perspectives.

Keep your resources fully allocated. Avoid burn-out and under utilization. Use your team to its full capacity.

Effortless Timesheets & Expenses Reports


No micro-management.

Your team will save precious time with the tracking of their effort and expenses.



Real-time reporting and analysis for continuous improvement

Centralised view to see at a glance the projects status.
Less time spent for controlling through smart notifications.



SocrateRM is integrated with SocrateERP. Open API offers the possibility to integrate SocrateRM, through connectors with other software or ERP solutions too.


Check out the new SocrateRM website! 


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