Optimizing the warehouse for performance. Basic principles for effective warehouse management

Date: 08-11-2022

Optimizarea depozitului blogWhether we are talking about distribution, retail, logistics services or manufacturing companies, their performance and profitability is based, to a large extent, on the efficiency and productivity of the warehouse. When it is well organized, and the activities in the warehouse are carried out efficiently, the financial results are adequate.

What does optimization for performance mean and what are the basic principles for effective warehouse management? Keep reading for finding out.

For performance, the physical structure of a warehouse is critical. If the warehouse has long aisles, if storage spaces require difficult handling, if picking times cannot be optimized, performance is a lost cause. Therefore, nowadays, a FluxVision WMS implementation does not only involve a software sale, but also a rigorous analysis regarding the physical performance of the warehouse.

The software must be faster than the execution elements. That is, the cargo handler does not have to wait for a decision from the server, the server must have the next step ready before it executes. And when the goods are handled by robots, the software has to be very fast. FluxVision WMS really is a software optimized to the maximum so that it works in real time.

The human operator must press as few buttons as possible. Because the supervisor cannot be slower than the executables in the repository. And this principle is found in FluxVision: do you have to press the same 3 buttons to trigger each delivery order? No problem, we put them in an automated workflow, customizable on a customer-by-customer basis, so that the supervisor presses a button on each order, or, doesn't press any and the entire order-starting flow runs automatically.

There must be predictability of delivery capability. FluxVision benefits from algorithms that calculate the time needed to deliver an order and can make, depending on the working schedule of the warehouse, an estimate in days.

FluxVision WMS is a cloud solution that provides automatic and complete management of all warehousing activities for an unlimited number of entities. FluxVision is a state-of-the-art WMS solution that transforms all warehouse operations into simple, intuitive and paperless operations. It is available on a variable subscription basis, which eliminates additional licensing costs. It is natively integrated with SocrateERP, but being an open platform, it can be integrated with any IT system. The high degree of configurability allows customers who opt for FluxVision WMS to be up and running in no time. With more than 100 editable functional parameters, FluxVision WMS can be set directly by the customer.

An example is that of Maracana customers, for whom the implementation of the WMS system for the first warehouse took 21 hours. Then, thanks to the ease of operating the system and its flexibility, the Maracana team opened the warehouses in Bucharest, Constanța, Pitești and Cluj by themselves, with a minimum of remote assistance from the BITSoftware team, respectively with an effort of about 8 hours for each deposit. Learn more from the case study


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