When do you need a CRM software application?

Date: 05-05-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi


Regardless of the size of the company you belong to, customer satisfaction is one of the most important criteria for efficient operation. But how do you know if you need a CRM solution and when is the time to make such a purchase?


When you start to notice challenges like:


  • Customer information, such as their profile or interaction history, is hard to find
  • The steps taken in relation to them (contact, bidding, contract signing, support services) are carried out differently from one case to another and are difficult to follow
  • Sales reports are difficult to make, inaccurate, or time consuming
  • Potential customers are lost due to lack of communication, poor organization or lack of reaction
  • Sending documents (offers, contracts, invoices) to the customer is time consuming


It is a clear signal that it is time to move towards a Customer Relationship Management solution.


CRM solutions have become a must-have tool that facilitates marketing, sales and after-sales services to the highest standards. Their purpose is to gather and manage data about a company's customers or potential customers in order to strengthen the relationship between them and the company. In summary, the main features of CRM applications cover:


  • marketing campaigns
  • sales processes
  • customer support (service and support)


SocrateCRM, BITSoftware's Customer Relationship Management solution, has the ability to increase the efficiency of the sales team and can positively influence revenue, but can also intervene in the area of ​​support and service management.


What benefits do you get from implementing SocrateCRM?


A centralized database - quickly identify information about customers and their status, from their entry into the pipeline to the conclusion of the contract.


Automated activity - don't waste time logging in, making calls, or entering minutes after meeting with customers. All these activities are performed and managed automatically, so as to make the time and tasks of the teams you manage more efficient.


All customer information in one safe place - information on the entire interaction with potential customers is in one place, which makes it easy to see customer interactions at all times. Also, regardless of changes in the structure of the sales team, no past or future interactions with customers are lost sight of.


Improved communication - and no, we're not just talking about communicating with customers, but also with your team members. No more information is lost on email, messages or post-it notes pasted on the agendas of sales agents.


Informed decisions - you can evaluate the effectiveness of sales or support processes and activities at any time through the information provided by the dedicated reports and analyzes.


SocrateCRM provides an integrated system for organizing and monitoring service and support requests, which aims to provide quality services, control efficiency and costs, as well as improve customer satisfaction.


Because we believe that customer recommendations are worth more than we can say, we invite you to read the case study of BSH Electrocasnice, a subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a Bosch Group company that has automated its entire business with SocrateCRM. 


"SocrateCRM is a complex solution that helps us optimize effort and reduce mistakes. The high degree of automation delivers time saving, an improvement of the activity and a better level of customer satisfaction" - Dumitru Cârstocea - Aftersales Manager at BSH Electrocasnice


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