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Special Offer for Google Apps for Business

Date: 12-06-2012
Author: Bit Software

Technology inevitably gets more complicated as it gets older. Therefore, upgrading platforms and adding more features will make your systems increasingly difficult to manage and complex to use. So, at times like these, your company needs an approach based on entirely modern technologies, designed for today’s world. Your company needs Google Apps.

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Offline access to Google Docs

Date: 24-05-2012
Author: Bit Software

There may be times when you don’t have an Internet connection, like on an airplane or train without wireless Internet, but you still want access to a file you’ve saved in Google Docs. Now, Google made it possible. So, you can select any file in Google Docs to make it available offline. So regardless of whether you’re connected to the internet, you’re always connected to those files. And this option is available for PC, Notebook, Smartphone or Tablet.

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Google Apps, the key to a successful communication

Date: 09-02-2012
Author: Bit Software

Operating costs as low as possible, increased productivity, innovation. These are some of the major objectives of managers today. Therefore, more and more of them started to look toward online communication and collaboration applications. And more than 4 million companies and 40 million users now handle their e-mail, documents, and other office tasks using Google's online professional office suite, Google Apps. And for good reason. Because Google Applications offer a stunning range of cloud-based productivity options to even the smallest firms. Everything you do at work is now available anywhere, anytime, from any online connection. And it's all for just $50 per year per user for the Business version, which includes additional storage and high-quality, unlimited support.

The total ROI of deploying Google Apps is more than 300%

Google Apps offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for businesses that increase productivity while reducing your costs – all hosted by Google on secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. According to a Forrester report („Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis”) the total ROI of deploying Google Apps is more than 300%. And when Forrester`s experts looked at the financial benefits of switching away from traditional email and collaboration tools to Google Apps, they found that organisations were able to cut ongoing costs by „an impressive 38 to 56 percent”.

According to a recent Gartner report, Gmail „should now be considered a mainstream cloud email supplier capable of competing head-to-head with Microsoft Exchange Online”. Also according to Gartner, cloud email is expected to grow significantly and reach 20 percent by the end of 2016.

Google`s online office tools makes your employees more innovative and productive

Google Apps allows your employees to effectively work together in real-time on shared documents and sites. By working together, your employees can be more productive and innovative. And according to a report by The Future Foundation, there is „an 81 percent correlation between innovation and collaboration. Employees who are given the opportunity to collaborate at work are more than twice as likely to have contributed new ideas to their company”.

There is no doubt that cloud services are changing the way organisations view their corporate messaging and collaboration platforms. But why is Google Apps for Business proving such a force in the enterprise space? With Google Apps, your employees can:

- access their content anywhere, anytime - laptop, desktop, home, work, mobile, online, offline etc;

- work together on Google Docs in real-time without the hassle of multiple versions or attachments;

- easily create team or project Sites without the need for IT support, improving information sharing within your business;

- have complete control - each piece of content can be as private or public as necessary.

Google Apps, the key to a successful communication

Organization is key to a successful business, and exactly this Google Apps suite does: connecting all your users together. It only requires one login for each user, and it offers simplicity to your employees.

Also, Google is in the works of allowing your Google Apps login to be able to be used in conjunction with their other applications like Picasa, Google Maps, Google Alerts, Google Trends, and Google Analytics.

So, if you want to make the switch but you aren’t good at technology, call us. As GoogleApps Authorized Reseller, BITSoftware offers different services in order to help companies successfully use Google Apps: installation services, migration services, users' training services and integration with other applications.

Surses: Gartner, Forrester Research Agency, The Future Foundation, Google, The Money Crashers, PC World

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We have a special offer for Google Apps Premier Edition

Date: 14-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

The environment around us is changing fast. The amount of information increases. Many of them are related to business, many are personal, but all of them are important. And managing all this information became very difficult. Furthermore, the collaboration is a key element in today’s business. And since the Internet is everywhere, our expectation is to make the data available anytime and anywhere, in order to act quickly, but in a secure environment.

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„Google Apps for efficient companies” - an event organized by BITSoftware and Google

Date: 28-09-2011
Author: Bit Software

BITSoftware and Google organize the „Google Apps for efficient companies” event on October 14th, 2011, in Bucharest. Join the free event to learn how to reduce IT costs and help employees collaborate more effectively, by using Google`s communication and collaboration applications. Przemek Sienkiewicz, Head of Google Enterprise CEE, Russia & CIS, will be one of the event speakers, talking about the benefits of using 100% web applications, configured for any type of companies. The event will be held at the Novotel Hotel - Bucharest (Calea Victoriei 37B), starting at 9.30. The participation is free, based on invitation.

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Web Office, the office tools of the future

Date: 10-12-2010
Author: Bit Software

The future is in cloud. The future is in open source. The future is great benefits and increased speed at low-costs. I've heard about it. I've read about it. But I never really understood what it was. So I started digging. I read a lot about cloud. And about open source. And I finally realized what it is. And from that moment I began to ask myself all sorts of questions. About communication, about documents, about archiving, about the possibility of sharing with others real-time information, and much more. And my universe has expanded considerably in just a split second. I understood that my fear of not being able to communicate and share documents with others because I had not installed on my notebook a version of Office from Microsoft was false. And I also understood that the future is something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago: the open source Web office.

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