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Online banking în SocrateCloud - eficiență crescută și costuri reduse de operare

Date: 14-05-2014
Author: Bit Software

În acest moment SocrateCloud este integrat cu sistemele online banking puse la dispoziţia clienţilor de către băncile comerciale din România, respectând standardele MT100 şi MT940.

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Proiectele de Implementare ERP în “Lumea lui Trebuie” sau Partea distractivă a implementării

Date: 16-04-2014

ERP implementare ERP


TREBUIE. Într-o formă sau alta este senzația pe care o experimentăm în orice proiect de implementare. Cu toții concepem liste, trasăm direcții cu CE TREBUIE și NU TREBUIE făcut. Implementarea se desfașoară în “lumea lui Trebuie” o lume guvernată de responsabilitate, asumare, termene limită, bugete. În condițiile acestea pe parcursul unui proiect de implementare intervine oboseala și apoi, odată cu ea și demoralizarea.

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Concepte de backup și restaurare a bazei de date Oracle pentru un sistem ERP & CRM

Date: 03-03-2014
Author: Bit Software

Startegie de backup baze de date-ERP software-CRM software-BI software.png


Este în general recunoscut faptul că planificarea continuităţii activităţii în caz de dezastru este o activitate vitală, dar destul de rar

implementată în sistemele IT medii şi mici din România. Înainte de crearea planului în sine, este esenţial să se ia în considerare efectele

potenţiale ale dezastrelor şi riscurile asociate. Acestea sunt bazele pe care ar trebui să fie construit planul de continuitate sau de

refacere în caz de dezastru. Planul în sine trebuie să fie întreținut, testat şi verificat, pentru a avea certitudinea că acesta rămâne adecvat

nevoilor organizației.

Departamentul IT trebuie să stabilească împreună cu conducerea firmei cele două valori de referință pentru orice plan de refacere în caz de dezastru:

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Ce trebuie sa urmărească un administrator de baze de date Oracle?

Date: 25-02-2014
Author: Bit Software

Baze de date Oracle. ERP & CRM & BI Software Solutions


E o vorbă care spune că “este mult mai ușor să previi decât să tratezi”. Acest lucru se aplică cam în toate domeniile, inclusiv în IT și este valabil și pentru orice administrator: de aplicație, de baze de date, etc.

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Turn the latent information into valuable competitive awareness by integrated BI and ERP systems

Date: 12-10-2012
Author: Bit Software

With ERP software, many businesses have become very good at gathering and inputting data. ERP software makes it easy to manage all of an organization’s data using one business software tool rather than multiple separate applications that lack interoperability. This is the strength of ERP, and many businesses have spent a great deal of money on ERP solutions, hoping they would bring forth the end of their worries.

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Better Business Intelligence – MicroStrategy Cloud

Date: 17-09-2012
Author: Bit Software

It’s never been easier to tap into the power of business analytics, whether you need to collaborate with a small team or deliver analytics and reports to thousands. How and why? Because with MicroStrategy Cloud you can deploy applications to thousands of users in weeks instead of years and, what`s most important, you can dramatically reduce project risks, cut operating costs and eliminate capital expenditures. And all those without sacrificing anything in application power, performance, and customization.


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Create a system of continuous performance improvement in your organization through the use of BI Applications

Date: 06-09-2012
Author: Bit Software

Business Intelligence is often defined as the array of processes and technologies that turn information into insight and action, meaning the effective application of the broad suite of data analysis tools and analytical approaches to effectively understand, predict, optimize, and prepare to take action upon current and future business activity.

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Visual Analytics - fast analytical capabilities to people that need to gain a competitive edge

Date: 17-08-2012
Author: Bit Software

Advanced data visualization is based on the fact that 70% of the human sensory receptors are dedicated to vision while the other four senses share the remaining 30%. In addition, our brains are much more effective recognizing shapes trends and patterns than analyzing spreadsheets or tables full of numbers. There are close to a dozen applications that fall into this category from companies around the globe. The leading ones are growing their acceptance at a very fast rate. Five of them have made it to Gartner Research's 2012 Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant Report (including MicroStrategy, the largest independent provider of Business Intelligence solutions in the world) and they’re going to stay there for the foreseeable future.

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How Mobile Intelligence will change everything

Date: 03-08-2012
Author: Bit Software

„If you're not ready to ride it, you'll be swept away by a tsunami of change that will fundamentally alter the world. And mobile computing is a tipping point technology for the information revolution, a revolution that began with writing on clay tablets, and continued through the invention of the printing press and computers. Mobile will be the catalyst that brings society the most dramatic changes of the Information Revolution”.

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MicroStrategy Updates BI Platform with Dashboards, Big Data, and Analytics

Date: 20-07-2012
Author: Bit Software

MicroStrategy, the largest independent provider of Business Intelligence solutions in the world, just launched the new 9.3 version of its business intelligence solution. The update enhances the platform's Visual Insight user environment, improves to its ability to handle 'Big Data', and incorporates advanced analytics from R — an open source programming language for statistical computing.

The most important upgrades in MicroStrategy 9.3 are centered on Visual Insight, a data visualization module, intuitive and accessible to business users who aren't schooled in query languages or statistical analysis. New geospatial density maps use color coding to represent geospatial concentrations, such as customers in proximity to retail stores. Image layouts let analysts depict data in context, showing, for example, sales by region, customer traffic by department in a store, or productivity on a manufacturing production line. New network diagrams show relationships among items, such website pages visited and checkout results on an e-commerce site.

R-based computational models within standard MicroStrategy reports and dashboards

As the list of data visualization possibilities grows it can become harder for users to pick the best approach, so the Visual Insight upgrade automatically suggests the best-fit visualization option. Easing access to the latest data sources, MicroStrategy 9.3 also features a new integration to Hadoop clusters. Where the BI vendor previously integrated with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), a new Thrift connector taps into Apache Hive, which is the Hadoop framework's data warehousing component.

Access to big data fuels interest in big data analytics, so MicroStrategy 9.3 greatly expands on the 300 analytical functions the platform already supported with new support for the more than 5,000 computations available within the R open-source statistical programming language. The R language is heavily used by data scientists who also tend to store their large-scale data sets on Hadoop. The 9.3 release lets users invoke R-based computational models and visualizations within standard MicroStrategy reports and dashboards. The upgrade supports R through use of Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) language and through direct embedding of R algorithms as MicroStrategy analytical functions.


Self-service dashboarding and System Manager administrative console

Other upgrades in MicroStrategy 9.3 include self-service dashboarding and administrative improvements. The vendor said design improvements make it possible for business users to develop dashboards in fewer than 10 minutes without help from IT. The dashboarding module is newly flexible, according to MicroStrategy, supporting both multiple data sets and multiple data visualizations on a single page. Previously it was difficult to tap multiple data sources and apply multiple data visualizations with a single dashboard.

Automation is the theme behind upgrades to the MicroStrategy 9.3 Systems Manager administrative console. For instance, the multiple steps in system restarts, or cache flushing routines, or data warehouse loading processes can be programmed with a new administrative workflow tool. Using a new scripting language and process tool, administrators can automate any series of steps that previously had to be executed manually. The tool promises to save huge amounts of administrative time and effort, according to MicroStrategy, and it can integrated with third-party tools to monitor administrative routines.


The first step to MicroStrategy Cloud

The product was revealed at the company's MicroStrategy World conference, being held in Amsterdam, along with its Facebook-focused product Wisdom Professional. MicroStrategy 9.3 will make its first appearance as part of MicroStrategy Cloud, which bundles the BI platform, databases, and data-integration capabilities as a Web-based service, under the name MicroStrategy Cloud Express. With Express, users can build, schedule, and deliver dashboards and reports to any number of users, but subscribers pay only for the services consumed each month and they can upgrade to the Platform service level as needed.

Sources: MicroStrategy, MicroStrategy Official Blog, The Wall Street Journal,

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