SocrateCloud comes with key features for service companies

Date: 08-12-2021
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Lately, we have focused our efforts on developing new key features for Service companies, especially interesting for Service Centers and all companies working on projects.


In this way, the automated processes and reports we provide help you save time, make the best use of your resources, and make better decisions.


Gaining time and transparency for service centers

Because time is the most important resource when it comes to services, we have come up with a new process for quickly replacing the representative, in cases where a sales or service agent leaves the company or goes on vacation for a long time. . This process replaces the representative on all active entities, respectively the unprocessed documents, indicated by checking the running options of the process.


Another interesting news for service managers is the process of generating recurring opportunities, useful for automating the creation of repetitive opportunities (sales opportunities from revisions). It can generate one or more opportunities based on an existing opportunity in the system. This will allow for better planning of resources, and longer-term interventions, a calibration of effort, as well as a forecast of revenue from existing customers.


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Automation of the AWB generation process for Service Centers

In order to fully automate the processes in the service centers, the AWB generation process, launched from the notifications, has been completed in order to be able to indicate who pays for the courier services, if there are several parties involved: the contractor, the customer or the unit. service. We have finalized the integration with FANCurier in order to be able to launch the lifting order of the product that is the object of the service order. Both the generation of the corresponding AWB and the launch of the product lift order are now covered, both on the tour (from the customer to the service unit) and on the return (from the service unit to the customer).


Gaining time in the reception process

Reception from one day to one hour. We have been able to offer our customers a major reduction in receipt time by being able to import the packing list from the supplier and associate it with the source supplier order or orders that it automatically determines.


New automations and processes in the ​​Project Management area 

In order to optimize the activity of project managers and managers, in order to properly allocate stocks on projects we have added a new process, which acts on stocks and automates the following operations:

  • transfers stocks between two projects, ie moves stocks allocated to one project to another project
  • transfers stocks of a project from one management to another
  • transfers stocks between projects and between managements


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At the same time, we have added a new process for the supply needs, which automates the allocation of stock for the project and the quantities indicated as needed, from the stock available at that time, not allocated to another project.


In order to optimize and automate the delivery processes, in the organization of projects, we have implemented a new form for automatic generation of customer orders related to a project, which includes all products rounded to that project and are in stock at that time, so they can be delivered.


Also, in order to obtain an overall analysis of the costs of a project, in the timekeeping or P&L reports on projects based on timekeeping, we also took over the costs of day laborers, information that is automatically exported from SocratePayroll.


Automating the calculation of the material estimate on projects

In order to make it easier to prepare and calculate offers that contain many items, usually grouped by phases and product groups, we have added an automatic calculation of sales prices by applying a discount in the block, starting from the list price. The process can be applied to the whole project or to a phase.


We also added an automatic calculation for the "accessories" type elements needed to assemble the items in the quote.


Reports for monitoring project execution

We complete the existing reporting palette with the following:

  • "Project Analysis" report through which analyzes can be performed on ongoing projects or completed projects. The analysis can be done in terms of planning versus project execution, starting from the project level and going to its details.
  • "Project Details Not Retrieved in COC", which identifies those lines in the details of a project that were not retrieved in client orders, or were partially retrieved.
  • "Remaining Procurement Details Report", which will identify those lines in the details of a project that have not been retrieved in the Supply Requirement or Vendor Order, or have been partially retrieved.
  • “Project / Employee Consumption Report” which presents the labor costs per project detailed on the employee and the project structure. Employee costs are measured at TCA (total employee cost) or Standard cost.


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