Socrate Payroll, a cloud software solution

Date: 02-11-2016
Author: Roxana Florescu

socrate payroll cloud solution


After 20 years of existence and cooperation with big company names in Romania, such as RCS & RDS, Oil Terminal and Premium AEROTEC, Socrate Payroll takes the next step into the cloud.



Socrate Payrollis a cloud software solution used by medium and large Romanian companies that want to define and manage the personnel structure, keep records of wage rights, holidays, medical leaves and other additions or deductions that may apply to the employee or business. The main target of our solution is to cover as many particular cases as possible, knowing that most issues in this field are complex.


The new cloud version of Socrate Payroll offers greater flexibility and scalability, ease of use, while maintaining the necessary functionality and compliance with the legislation.


Socrate Payroll Software Subscription


A complete payroll solution


The solution can be very easily configured to the specific needs of any company, making it able to define employees (with name, identification data elements specific to employment related elements of wage policy), multiple forms of payroll taxes, scales, bonuses, deductions, penalties, alimony issues and vouchers.


Socrate Payroll provides a variety of reports so wages (compared to allocating salaries profit centers report salaries by working conditions, report structure of wages) and timekeeping, holidays, reports of detentions, reports vouchers and tax records for employees.


What are the most important benefits of Socrate Payroll cloud solution?



Socrate Payroll is a payroll software solution available on a cloud-based subscription. The solution is accessible via Internet, using an operating system and a Windows client that can be downloaded for free.


Optimized for large volumes of data

The interface and database are optimized to work with large amounts of data, generated by more than 10.000 employees per organization.


Easy to use

The cloud payroll application has a friendly interface, available in Romanian, with simplified menus making relevant information available immediately, with flexible reports and easy to modify by users without requiring IT skills.

Flexible Configuration

Socrate Payroll offers its users the freedom to configure and customize application areas such as interface and functionality. Configuring the application to the company’s specifications is a simple process. You can define employees with multiple characteristics, grouped by sections (personal and identification data, payment type and value, contract details etc.), specific activities (contract suspensions, detachments, qualifications) and wage additions such as lunch tickets, gift cards, wage premiums and periodical added amounts or deductions.



Our experience of over 20 years and partnerships with dozens of companies in verticals such as retail, distribution, construction and oil and gas, brought maturity, complexity and stability to the Socrate Payroll software solution.


Rapid deployment

The implementation takes 24 hours and users benefit from training with our specialists and are provided with tutorials and other documentation available right from the application interface to quickly learn how to use the payroll solution.


Why choose a payroll program in the cloud?

First, because you reduce the infrastructure costs. You will not spend any money on software licenses. Accessibility is the second advantage, because you can access the application from anywhere just using an Internet connection. You will also have access to the latest application versions, the upgrade being free of charge. If privacy is an issue with on-premise solutions, with the new version of Socrate Payroll in the cloud, the network administrator no longer has access to confidential payroll data. And finally, the data is more secure. Socrate Payroll runs in Microsoft Azure Cloud Service that provides back-up to the minute during the 14 days.


Socrate  Payroll Software Presentation