Improving operational efficiency for the building materials distribution industry

Date: 12-06-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

imbunatatirea eficientei operationale in distributia de materiale de constructii.png


Whether you distribute bricks, adhesives, mortar or cement, the building materials distribution industry is full of difficult requirements throughout the supply channel. Distributors of building materials face demand fluctuations depending on various factors, such as weather conditions, seasonality, etc. Distributors of building materials need a scalable and flexible ERP solution with advanced functionality capable of meeting the requirements of each department from receiving the order, processing it, inventory supply and control and delivery until the invoice is registered and collected.


The integrated SocrateERP system has functionalities tailored to the requirements of building materials distribution, through which our customers improve their sales performance and organizational efficiency, reduce their costs while improving customer satisfaction.


A good example is Safero, a company specializing in the distribution of building materials needed in construction, regardless of building size. Various types of customers, suppliers, products and services have created the need to implement an integrated management system to track and manage each item in the warehouse entry, storage, inventory, replenishment, sales, and delivery to transfers between warehouses, receipts, payments and accounting. In addition to all for that, there was a need for a management system capable of delivering real-time information and reports that would impose a unitary workflow as document flow or article naming.


"Following the implementation of the SocrateERP system more than 8 years ago, we have succeeded in introducing delivery and storage procedures that were previously lacking. Now we have an economical, financial and commercial efficient control”, said the IT Manager at Cavilas.


In addition, we mention other results such as the increase of new customers and revenue, reduced logistics costs by 20%, an increase of inventory rotation speed, 25% less errors in  document processing, which has increased the customer satisfaction and reduced stock breaks. SocrateERP represents for all our customers the support for a coherent and unitary management at the structural level.


Download the case study for more details about the benefits Safero has enjoyed over 8 years.


SocratesERP from BITSoftware meets all the requirements of a building materials distribution company, as follows:

  • Customer Relationship ManagementDownload ebook-ul Idei inteligente pentru jucătorii din piața de distribuție. Provocari din zona de business
  • Easy orders submitting
  • Advanced functionality for pricing policy
  • Processing sales commissions
  • Forecasting receipts
  • Optimizing the procurement process and supply needs
  • Inventory management
  • Optimizing logistics and warehouse processes
  • Industry specific real-time reports