Frisbo - the future of logistics is in the cloud

Date: 12-04-2018
Author: Alina Răfoi

frisbo servicii logistice

Transit, the transport and logistics business magazine, has recently published an article about Frisbo's story and the future of logistics that is in the cloud.

Frisbo started back in 2014, being the first e-fulfillment platform in Romania to allow online stores to partially or fully outsource the operational and logistics process. Frisbo was the first entrepreneur of its kind to us and managed to run orders worth half a million euros in the first six months of activity. In the following years, the Frisbo business grew nicely, reaching an important portfolio of customers, companies both in Romania and abroad.

Frisbo provides logistical services through which storage, processing and delivery of online store orders to end customers are taken over by specialized platforms. Due to the significant growth in online trade, the largest in Eastern Europe, net turnover last year reached 500,000 euros, and for 2018 it predicts a 50% growth rate, regardless of economic conditions, in line with e-commerce development.

The company is also expanding in the region in the markets in Bulgaria, where it will enter the first quarter of this year, and Hungary, while locally managed to expand its warehouse network through a series of partnerships with several logistics classics.

In order to develop and support the entire operational and logistics process, Frisbo uses SocrateERP and FluxVision WMS, two flexible and robust management systems that enable them to take over the process of honoring orders on behalf of online stores, storage, order tracking, billing, and delivery. Frisbo's management chose BITSoftware solutions due to its flexibility, multi-company management capability, availability in the cloud, and, very importantly, the ease with which ERP integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms.

More details on how SocrateERP and FluxVision WMS systems support Frisbo in the development and constant evolution process can be found in the case study that you can download from here.


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