The number 1 specialist of e-fulfillment in Romania uses SocrateERP to ensure  its development objectives


Frisbo is the first e-fulfillment platform launched in Romania in the early 2014. Frisbo is a complete e-fulfillment platform providing storage, pick & pack, invoice, AVB and call center. All these services are supported by a storage space, by SocrateERP and 15 years of expertise in the field.

The challenge in this implementation came from the fact that both the business and the industry itself were only at the beginning and so it was needed to build a system that could support all the logistics processes for all future customers.

Frisbo has chosen SocrateERP (cloud version) because it is a flexible and complete management solution that can be easily integrated with any e-Commerce platform used by its customers through an API, automating the entire supply chain process.

SocrateERP supports Frisbo to develop its new business model and to ensure smooth operations by allowing the new customers to easily integrate their online shop with the ERP platform.

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