What are the features that determine the success of a BI tool?

Date: 29-08-2011
Author: Bit Software

When is a BI tool successful? When the presentations are glamourous, when the presented data is according to what the users are expecting or when they are right? Those are just few of the questions I heard releated to the same subject: what are the features that determine the succes of a BI tools.

According to experts, the effective measure of the value of BI is to quantify how much it contributes to the objective of the company of obtaining sustaining profitability. Is the BI tool helping the company compete on analytics, increasing market share and sales revenue? Are the managers making better decisions in order to reduce inventory investment or operating expenses? If the answers are yes, then your BI is contributing to the fundamental goal of the company, measured in terms of Net Profit, ROI and cash flow. But, according to Gartner, this is not easy though, because almost 80% of Business Intelligence implementations fail. And the main reasons are poor data quality and difficult to use BI interface. So the isuue is how to let management understand that in first phase of the BI traject data quality is poor, how to manage that fact and how to improve that quality. These two apects are key items in making a BI traject successful and need to be addressed properly. And must realize that every human being will preferably stick to what he is used too.

In conclusion, for being successful, the BI tool must be simple, elegant and scalable.