Reducing costs and increasing profitability with cloud computing solutions from BITSoftware

Date: 26-07-2012
Author: Bit Software

Cloud computing has certainly disrupted the way how to make business today. And that because it offers to entrepreneurs the opportunity to start or grow a business without having to heavily invest in hardware and software solutions, and also in an army of people to maintain them. So, the money saved can be allocated to those activity`s segments that add value to the company.

There are many benefits of using cloud computing, all ultimately meaning substantial cost reductions:

Scalability: You can scale your business’ storage needs seamlessly rather than having to go out and purchase expensive programs or hardware.

Automatic Updates: There is no need for IT to worry about paying for your future updates in terms of software and hardware.

Remote Access: employees, partners and clients can access, and update information wherever they are, rather than having to run back the office.

Reduced costs: Cloud computing reduces your hardware (computers), software (all those downloaded programs), networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with cloud computing, you pay for what you use.

Disaster Relief: With your company’s data safely stored on secure data centers instead of your server room, losing power due to earthquakes or a construction worker cutting the power lines, you are back at work as long as you have an internet connection.

Ease of Implementation: Implementing cloud services is as easy as, well, setting up a Google+ or Facebook page, or an email account.

Response Time: Cloud computing accomplishes a better response time in most cases than your standard server and hardware.

Even playing field for small firms: This allows small companies to complete more effectively with some of the larger businesses, balancing the playing field. Your small business can utilize the same tools that multinational companies use and can do this because with cloud computing, your business will only pay for what you need.

Lego: Cloud apps allow your business to select what your company needs, when you need it and use it how you want to.

Over-capacity of a cloud, while an underestimation of the cost to people, may seem a bit misplaced for many conservative type managers. But the trend, globally, is to migrate to the cloud, and not to your own servers. And, from this perspective, the financial benefits are not insignificant. And, after all, the essential role of a manager is to lower costs and increase profits.