Quality management in food industry

Date: 12-01-2012
Author: Bit Software

Food producers must find ways to satisfy customers and operate profitably despite fluctuations in consumer demand, varying raw material variability and capacity constraints. And, above all, must comply to strict government and European Union regulations regarding the traceability process and products quality. That means the need of controlling the history of a food product, from raw material until the final product and its location after sale or distribution. And those EU regulations on products quality must be complied by any European food manufacturers, no matter what size the food company is. But are the Romanian food producers prepared to fulfill the EU regulations? Are they able to track the raw materials sources, the processing of those materials, and the products lots on batch?

 As I already said in an old post, less than half of Romanian food companies bought a software to control the production process. The management of those companies understood that they must invest in some business management solutions dedicated to food industry, to increasingly shorten the time to access information and to reduce operational costs.

 The rest do not understand or do not know why they should purchase and implement an ERP solution. Therefore, I will highlight just some of the benefits that an integrated business management solution will brings to a food manufacturers:

  • having a real-time access to all information related to raw materials entering into the product recipe, allowing you to identifying compromised lots. How that will help you? In case of any contamination, you will have to withdraw only contaminated products from the market and not the entire production, with a dramatic impact on your profitability.
  • optimizing the procurement processes depending on the quantities required in the production process. So you will reduce the acquisition and storage costs and planning production shifts to maximize capacity.
  • providing control and predictability to produce the highest quality products, with direct effects on customer satisfaction.

 Our ERP solution, Socrate+, is able to provide tracking capabilities and production management, so that managing the entire flow of preparation, programming, launching, tracking and controlling production is a much more effective activity. Standard processes are documented, and operations and results are tracked to support your detailed reporting requirements.  The solution, already used by some food and beverage companies, help you to comply with safety requirements, track food lots and shelf life, help price commodities and promotional incentives, and run efficient streamlined processes, giving you the competitive edge.