MicroStrategy Gateway - converts the Facebook social graph data into a relational data

Date: 11-08-2011
Author: Bit Software

MicroStrategy Gateway for Facebook, one of the most recent enterprise product launched by MicroStrategy, is a new cloud-based service that interconnects enterprise IT environments and enterprise applications with the Facebook social graph. MicroStrategy Gateway converts the Facebook social graph data structure into a relational data structure, making it instantly suitable for enterprise applications like CRM, marketing, service, sales, loyalty, and mobile applications. By enabling bidirectional data flow, MicroStrategy Gateway lets you add social intelligence from Facebook to enterprise applications, and enterprise applications can interact back with the social network.
MicroStrategy Gateway enables companies to inject social intelligence into their enterprise applications transforming them into "friendly" applications that simplify and enhance the consumer experience. MicroStrategy Gateway is continuously updated to ensure compliance with Facebook's privacy policy and will use only the data permitted, users being in full control of how their Facebook information is accessed.
With MicroStrategy Gateway, a wide range of developers and technologies are now building social intelligence, personalization, and social interactivity into their applications. Even custom-built Facebook applications can use MicroStrategy Gateway as a simpler and more efficient access mechanism, particularly when the queries require a real-time response.

You can sign up for a Webcast on August 24th for more information about MicroStrategy Gateway for Facebook.