Having Difficulty Finding The Right ERP Software?

Date: 27-06-2011
Author: Bit Software

Finding the right ERP software for your business is, sometimes, a very difficult process. Why that?
In the first place, because the analysis of your company needs are not complete.
Second, cause your expectations are a little bit unrealistic.
To simplify the entire process of finding the right ERP for your company, you must follow those 5 steps:
1. Set clear objectives implementation, acceptance criteria and, especially, your business requirements;
2. Awareness of technological change impact that will occur on the company processes, with direct influence over each employee work.
3. Check the market share and reputation of the vendors, its expertise in your field.
4. Check the supplier's ability to provide help in the reorganization of your business processes.
5. Ask for recommendations from other users of the ERP solution you want to implement.
After that, the whole process will appear much simpler and easier.