Control your customer relationships using CRM programs

Date: 01-12-2010
Author: Bit Software

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Do you know your customers? Mostly yes, but perhaps not quite as good as you think. Ok, you ask, what must I do to improve this aspect? Nothing more simple: control the relationships with customers using CRM solutions. Or, in free translation, public relations management. This program includes a wide range of tools for understanding and serving customers and potential customers. It seemed an unnecessary expense, but the focus will increase revenue per customer, we will reduce costs, or both.

Applications generally are grouped by sales force and customer support. Part of the sales force automatization, used effectively, will allow you to estimate an actual income figure, you see the circle of business and sellers to evaluate effectiveness. Automatization of customer management support improves the process of the purposes of maximizing customer satisfaction while reducing costs, regardless of system used: telephone, in person or online.


Finally, automation tools allow you to monitor the effectiveness of advertising and marketing efforts. You can follow any costs involved in activities such as commercial exhibitions, advertising, postal letters and you can compare it with the sales generated by or attributable to those actions. Although it can not be regarded as a perfect measure, determine the return on such investments can only be a step in the development of any commercial activity.


Forced by bad financial situation, or simply because they think ahead, most manufacturers have decided to market CRM package for small business, tailored to customers' growing needs. Complex CRM programs, which often come bundled with ERP solutions, can be priced quite high, sometimes even over 10,000 euro. All depend upon the needs, expectations and future plans of each of us.


But in a world where real interaction company-customer barely exists, in a world where the art of survival determine you to be always one step ahead, CRM technology is the best way to personalize your relationship with customers.


After all, in these „beautiful” days, your top priority must be keeping existing customers and just after that to gain some others, am I right?


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