Building a MicroStrategy Site Map

Date: 05-08-2011
Author: Bit Software

I once worked on a very large projet where there were so many users and reports, that the team decided to build and maintain a Site Map. This provided users with the ability to quickly find reports and browse what they had access to overall. This was a manually maintained Document, and as new reports rolled out they were considered for whether or not to be added to this Document. And if folder structures changed, then there was a lot of work for someone to do. This was conceived in the 8x days before the Tree Folder Navigation option introduced in 9x, but it still has some usefulness for large projects.

I immediately thought that this could be automated by simply querying the metadata. The idea being that we could use the User Login prompt and pass it to a SQL query against the metadata and return not only an automated Site Map, but one customized for what that individual user had access to. The rollout was a success, and it made navigation a lot easier for the users.

by Brian Brandow

This article was first posted on Bryan`s MicroStrategy blog