Be more productive, not just busy

Date: 27-11-2018
Author: Simona David

CRM software

Let's just be honest, we're all busy every day and we're pulling hard to solve all the tasks in our daily agenda, but we're not always as productive. In the sales area, recurring tasks can make you waste valuable time and sales opportunities. Even for sales managers time spent tracking the team, monitoring the smooth running of activities and the entire sales process is a very long time consuming.


Automation gives you more time to take on sales!


Create tasks for sales agents


Automatically create tracking tasks for sales agents so they do not miss major business. Some examples:

  • When the due date approaches an offer, a sales agent task can be defined to contact the potential customer
  • You can define alerts that require a response within 24 hours at the request of potential customers
  • Tasks can be created for the sales and presales team: demos, follow-up, support, etc. to ensure that your customers always stay in touch


Send automated emails to potential customers


Send personalised emails to your customers effortlessly using email templates. Track the results of your submitted emails and choose to include the unsubscribe link from your email. For example, you can:

  • Send welcome and tracking emails to prospective customers based on the status of the talks and negotiations
  • Send a customer notification email whenever a payment deadline for an invoice approaches


Send email alerts to sales agents


With the CRM solution, you can synchronize the calendars of your team members so that you know at any time where each agent is and what accounts he or she is dealing with. By using your Tustena CRM sales team you will be able to:

  • Synchronize agents agendas
  • Send e-mail alerts about important events


Discover the advantages of Tustena CRM. Request a presentation!Tustena CRM helps you plan more efficiently sales processes and eliminate loss of opportunity due to delays, omissions or other recurring daily activities. You benefit from an automatic alert system and notifications on the status of the negotiations, the products for which the customer has expressed interest, the meetings and telephone conversations, prices, quotes and documents submitted.


Tustena CRM is a solution of TeamSystem Group, an Italian company with more than 30 years of experience in developing business solutions. Starting in 2018, BITSoftware has set up a partnership with the Italian company to provide our customers with a full range of top quality solutions and services.