What to expect when you implement an ERP for construction

Date: 28-10-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi

 What to expect when you implement an ERP for construction.png


Typical reactions associated with implementing and using an ERP solution come in a wide range. They start from "it is very different than it was before" and they end with "wow, what a difference!". What makes the difference? Choosing the right ERP system should be based primarily on the operational side - how well does the system meet the business requirements of a company in the construction business.


The variety of the construction projects, territorial dispersion, competition, tight deadlines imposed by the beneficiaries or cyclic activity dictated by the weather conditions are the major challenges for constructors. Therefore, methodical, efficient and responsible management of construction projects ensures timeliness, quality and budgets to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability.


Must-have features for an ERP solution for construction


Management of construction works

SocrateCloud manages the efficient performance of construction works, highlights quantity and value all the resources, planning the allocation of their project phases, sub-phases and activities aimed consumption and costs and profitability calculated in real time.


Management of equipment and machinery

Equipment and tools are planned and tracked on paper, consumption is recorded in the endpoint machine. SocrateCloud highlights hours worked, consumption of diesel and mileage. All costs are recorded separately on travel time, stationary or work itself. Also, for each equipment is kept track of compulsory insurance, CASCO rates, rovignetelor or revisions to regular notification mechanisms approaching deadline or they expire.


Project cost control

SocrateCloud allows defining and tracking costs planned, budgeted and employed, providing a real-time comparison of actual costs resulting from the execution of works, and this comparison can be made at project level, phase or sub-phase activity.


Timesheet management

SocrateCloud manages timesheet for workers and office staff. Registration can be done for hours worked on the project, phases or sub-phases, but also for the type of hours: normal hours, night hours, holidays, vacations or delegations. The registration can be made directly on the site or by importing data in a centralized manner at the headquarters. Timesheets can be verified and approved by the site manager and are used for payroll.


Analysis and reporting specific to the construction industry

An ERP solution dedicated to the construction industry should provide reports specifically designed for the needs of this industry. With the help of dedicated reports in SocrateCloud, businesses can track real-time profitability, consumption of materials, labor or equipment planned versus realized costs versus budgeted project completed, cash flow, production in progress, balances or unallocated expenses.


SocrateCloud offers flexibility in effectively managing worksites, resource planning and reduces time spent on multiple operations.


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