Amazon Chime - omnichannel communications service

Date: 13-04-2020

Working remotely with virtual teams has become commonplace in today's business environment and this comes with some specific challenges for managers. The current context has put a lot of operational pressure on the business environment and many professionals need to quickly adapt their means of communication and coordination of remote teams.


The good news is that there are collaborative tools and a wide range of technologies that can help you communicate, which ultimately helps you develop smooth working relationships, without syncope, respect and mutual trust.


Amazon Chime - video conferences that create the feeling of community


For internal meetings, with the team, but also for those with business partners, video conferences offer more than just a phone call. We can see each other, we can more easily notice the disposition of the interlocutors in gesture, mimicry and intonation. A conversation in which we can look in the eye of the interlocutor, makes the exchange of ideas more lively and the results easier to anticipate.


As an AWS (Amazon Web Services) technology partner, BITSoftware together with Sinoptix offer its partners a communications service for conferences, remote meetings, chats and business calls, to help you move your business online.


Amazon Chime is a solution that meets all security standards for online dating, multi-chat, conferencing, suitable for companies, educational institutions and medical centers.


Amazon Chime makes online meetings more efficient, friendlier and easier to run.



Amazon Chime is based on best practices that make the user experience as enjoyable as possible:


  • A single application is used for all types of communication
  • There is no need to install an application or create an account
  • Participants can connect from any device
  • Any meeting in progress is easy to access
  • Conferences are easy to manage and are automatically recorded
  • Users can create multiple chat rooms and can transfer documents even during sessions
  • Pay-per-use payment system
  • Scalable according to business needs


Until June 30, 2020, all customers can take advantage of the opportunity to use all Amazon Chime PRO features for free online meetings and video conferencing. If you want a more detailed presentation, our specialists are at your disposal. We will even use Amazon Chime for our meeting, so you can see it at work!