Why should you migrate your applications to the cloud?

Date: 07-04-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi

The cloud is flexible and so should the employees, but also the companies. The best example we can give is the current situation we are in, when employees are forced to work from home, and companies want and have to continue their activity and have employees as productive.


Cloud technology involves storing data (such as text, photo or video files) and software applications on the hardware infrastructure stored in the cloud and that users can access on the Internet. Cloud technology allows companies to become mobile, allowing employees to work from anywhere, being able to access applications directly from a browser. This working method is faster, cheaper, more flexible and more secure and reduces infrastructure costs.


Users are constantly working with the latest software versions, updates to the latest version being made by the application provider. Access to the database is made secure so that the data is secure. Data is more secure in the cloud than when stored on your own servers. You can read more about cloud data security here. They can be accessed from anywhere and shared with other users, making cloud technology a productive and effective tool.


In order for your business to survive over time, you need to align with new technologies


What are the benefits of migrating cloud applications?


Avantaje apps in cloud en

  • 100% online access to applications
  • 24/7 availability of data
  • Maximum performance for your IT team - more important tasks can be accomplished than just maintaining the infrastructure
  • Scalability for managing large volumes of resources - you can change your storage space at any time
  • Zero investments in infrastructure - no servers, no licenses, no system administrator
  • No licensing costs - only one maintenance fee is paid, depending on the number of users
  • Predictability in budget planning - pay as you use
  • Improved data security, disaster backup and recovery

What does BITSoftware offer?


We provide consultancy in choosing the most suitable cloud technologies for our clients, then we are involved in the delivery, configuration, implementation or migration of users and related services. We have done this for both small companies and large organizations with hundreds or thousands of users.


Through technology partnership with Amazon (Amazon Web Services) started in 2012, our team has extensive technical experience for migrating cloud applications. This, together with the experience of over 26 years in delivering business solutions (ERP, CRM, BI, WMS) mapped to the needs of organizations from different industries, enables us to ensure a fast and seamless cloud migration for internal processes, at low costs. , flexibility and simplified management of IT infrastructure.


We can help you find an intelligent solution, according to the requirements of your business, but for this you must first know each other. Contact us and together we will choose the solutions that best suit you!


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