What are the benefits to service companies in implementing the SocrateERP solution?

Date: 08-04-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi


The importance of efficient digitization of service companies brings with it a number of needs that more and more organizations consider to be vital for the successful acquisition, implementation and adoption of software applications. SocrateERP is one of the software solutions dedicated to standardizing and streamlining the way companies work.


Proper project management, customer relationship management, financial-accounting activity, and project consumption monitoring are just some of the key aspects that a service company needs to consider for efficient management of all business processes.


Easily manage your projects and increase the quality of your services


SocrateERP helps you improve customer relationships, increase sales, streamline communication between all departments of the company, automate business for field teams, track profitability in real time, automate supply business, and much, much more.


At the heart of the activity of service companies is the contract, which results in a project. SocrateERP's project management functionality is extremely complex, and allows project companies to plan and track project execution at any stage. Project planning can be done both in general, based on the information in the service contract (duration, cost, resources involved) and in detail (by phases, sub-phases, activities, as well as by types of resources), automating customer billing, supplier payments, etc.


The degree of execution of the project, the effort, the acquisitions, the planned versus realized material consumptions, the revenues and expenses and the profitability are tracked and controlled in real time, as the project or the related phase progresses.


The contracts, the time planning of each stage, the recording of the effort made on each action, the follow-up of the degree of execution of an action are managed by our clients with SocrateERP.


SocrateERP features allow our customers to:

  • Define projects by phases, sub-phases and activities and consumptions per project, according to the quantities and prices agreed with the client
  • Follow quantitatively-value the deviations between what was budgeted / agreed and the consumptions made
  • Monitor customer complaints and improve response time
  • Invoice services on different phases of projects and on a flexible pricing structure
  • Follow projects in various currencies
  • Get specific analysis and reporting through dashboards specifically designed for service companies


Companies such as Netafim powered by EPRS.RO, Qualis, Ascorp Electric Networks or Normandy, have understood the benefits of SocrateERP and now enjoy:

  • Increasing profitability on the project
  • Optimizing resource allocation
  • Efficient hours on the project
  • Delivery of projects on time
  • Better management of services and notifications
  • Improved customer relations


Complete and integrated solutions for service companies


BITSoftware offers a suite of applications for companies in this industry, natively integrated, which make projects much easier to manage and help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of projects and manage all activity, whether you work from home, online or on the go or at the office.

The suite of mobile applications and cloud management solutions gives you the mobility you need and gives you complete visibility into your organization's processes so you can manage complex projects and deliver the highest quality services. More information about them can be found here https://www.bitsoftware.eu/en/software-erp-services/ as well as materials and case studies with which you can understand how we can make your projects more profitable.


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