Tustena CRM for customer service and support

Date: 03-10-2018
Author: Simona David

tustena crm customer support


Companies use key phrases such as "Win a customer, not a sale" or "Our client, our master", but how do they translate it into the actual customer approach? How do you satisfy your customers so you can get the highest retention rate? The price is no longer the decisive factor in choosing a product or service.

Customer service is now king! Make sure you put enough emphasis on customer relationships and explore the safest route to their loyalty and, implicitly, to increase sales with Tustena CRM, the trusted partner in meeting your goals.


Resolve customer issues and monitor all incoming requests


Combined with a powerful knowledge management system, the CRM system allows you to allocate and resolve customer notifications on time, based on a competence-based logic and on the availability of support team members.


With the Tustena CRM you can track all the process of allocating and resolving vouchers. The Helpdesk is also integrated with a wide range of unified communication tools (phone, mail, fax and SMS), which allows you to track all activities, thus reducing response times. All employees involved in the support process receive access to the relevant information needed to handle requests and all interactions are stored in a client's file.


Ensure effective request management

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Follow all steps in one ticket and measure team performance.

Give quicker responses

Make a quick response to customer requests through quick access to data.  

Perform smart resource allocation

Save time and money by intelligently allocating resources according to the type of request.  

Measure employee efficiency

Measure the team productivity and the time to solve each request.


If you want to improve your sales activities, you need a complete and competitive CRM solution, such as Tustena CRM. This is a TeamSystem Group solution, an Italian company with over 30 years of experience in developing business solutions. Starting in 2018, BITSoftware has set up a partnership with the Italian company to provide our customers with a full range of top quality solutions and services.