The Role of a Construction Project Manager

Date: 25-09-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Whether we are talking about the construction of a production hall or apartment building, the project is completely in the hands of a project manager. The construction project manager is the one who organizes, plans and coordinates the site's activities and resources, checks and controls the construction works, ensures that it has all the necessary material, financial and human resources for each stage of the project, ensures the training of the staff and ensures that the technologies for the construction, operation and maintenance of the equipment are respected.

Project Planning

Even before the actual start of the work, the project manager must plan the work of his entire team. Its structure includes information on how and when the works will be carried out on stages, sub-stages and activities, including preparatory works that need to be finalized before the construction starts. This stage is also essential for estimating costs, as they determine the price offered to the beneficiary for the work.

Also at this stage, the project manager must determine the delivery dates for each stage or sub-stage in part, which his team must observe to complete the work on time and in the established budget.


On a construction site it's like in the kitchen: when you have a recipe to follow, you have to make sure you have all the ingredients at hand. One of the essential tasks for timely implementation of the project is supply. The project manager has to prepare the materials needed, ensure that he has absolutely all the "ingredients" needed to complete the project and implement an inventory tracking method. It is important that the supply and storage of materials and equipment is done with conscientiousness, so as not to incur additional costs.


On the construction site, the project manager is the boss, which means that he is responsible not only for planning the activity, but also for the execution and the supervision of his team. This means coordinating and directing the efforts of construction workers, as well as the optimal use of all resources (construction materials, equipment and machinery).

Tracking time and money goals

The role of the project manager in construction is not to stretch the mortar or to prepare the cement (although the ideal is to be able to give directions or to give a helping hand where needed) but it is its duty to ensure that all the works are done according to the rules, in time and within the limits of the projected costs.

In construction too, time is money. Timely delivery of the work is one of the key objectives, as any delay will entail penalties on the part of the beneficiary and added costs. To ensure that he can deliver on time, the project manager must monitor the work daily and ensure that his team progresses in a timely manner. If there is a slowdown in work (either due to weather or any task that takes longer than planned), the site manager should review the plan and make the necessary changes to ensure that the delays are as small as possible.

Before work starts, cost estimates are made, which includes salaries, equipment, equipment and materials, and sets a budget. The projected costs determine the profitability of the project. After the start of the work, the site manager must ensure that the budget is not exceeded by means of a daily forecast of expected versus realized costs.

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