The new SocrateERP version in the cloud comes with robots and new features

Date: 13-05-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi


The latest version of SocrateERP in the cloud comes with a number of new features and robots, designed to streamline the work of our customers and help them achieve their goals as easily as possible.


Here is some of the news.

Labor is becoming more expensive and harder to find. Therefore, companies need a smart tool to reduce gross workload and repetitive tasks, which block employees' creativity and affect their productivity. That is why we have developed and added a robot for allocating costs on projects, phases and subphases, very useful and interesting for all clients who carry out projects with funding (public or private). They can now more easily track their project expenditures, in phases and subphases, from the introduction of primary documents to the issuance of balance sheets. What does this software robot do? Basically, it runs at the end of each month and automates the distribution of costs by phases and subphases. In this way, a complete accounting image of each project is obtained (purchases, invoices, payments, allocations, accounting notes, amortization rates, etc.) and P&L journals and reports can be published on the project. The API methods in the area of ​​projects, notifications and tasks have also been completed, so that it can be used and implemented through third-party applications integrated with SocrateERP.


In the Service area we have added a new functionality through which the beneficiaries can launch pick-up / delivery requests to couriers directly from the notification.


In the new version, we have also added the possibility to collect the necessary data for the Intrastat statement, which brings a time benefit for this reporting.


We also completed the third-party management palette with the records of the day laborers. If until now we covered the management of customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators, with the new version we expanded the palette and with the management of day laborers, for which the timesheets are taken over and processed, and the data are automatically transmitted to Socrate Payroll. For day laborers, the taking over of the timesheets is done together with the record of the payment amounts, these being subsequently sent for the realization of the other calculations related to deductions and other declarations.


For the Workflows area, we've expanded the range of flow managers so that a much wider variety of dynamic managers can be configured to whom notifications are sent or approvals are expected. This change brings maximum flexibility in configuring the approval flow.


These are just some of the news. Follow us on the blog, on Facebook or on Linkedin, because every month we come up with important updates to our solutions.

SocrateERP offers new business features and helps you respond more quickly and efficiently to the specific requirements of your business.


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