The future of data in the digital transformation context

Date: 28-10-2019
Author: Alina Răfoi

data analysis

There is more and more talk about data and large volumes of data, which are essential in the context of digital transformation and the desire of organizations to perform in business. Ray Wang, an analyst and author, says that “Data is the foundation of digital business. They determine how business models are created, how business models are evaluated and how they can be optimized. ” Ray Wang is the Senior Analyst, Founder and President of Constellation Research, Inc., a company that provides consulting on the business strategy and technology adoption of Global 2000 organizations.


In his ebook published by our partners at MicroStrategy, Wang gives a warning to organizations that do not yet have a clear strategy for data strategy and direction to take, will lose ground to those who have acted faster and adapted to the new requirements in the context of digital transformation.


Using a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence solution represents an effective and impactful future for a company. When you know what data you need to correlate them with certain business indicators and when you have the tools that help you get the reports and analysis that show you in a second how the business operates, it means you can intervene. to make this context more and more beneficial.


SocrateBI is a state-of-the-art business intelligence solution for companies of any size who want to have an integrated reporting, analysis and notification system. SocrateBI was developed based on the world's No.1 Business Intelligence platform, MicroStrategy. More than one million users worldwide and thousands of companies from all industries use the MicroStrategy business platform every day for better decisions.


Our Business Intelligence solution provides native connectivity with Socrate and Dynamics Nav ERP systems, resulting in shortened implementation time in just a few days. The effort to consolidate data in a Data Warehouse and create connectors is zero, which allows the company to start reporting immediately.


SocrateBI modules offer the possibility to have the production data in reports, scorecards and dashboards immediately after connecting to the data sources. The included reports have already been chosen as the most used by a large number of companies that have resorted to a BI platform.


Benefiting from MicroStrategy's capabilities, users can create, modify and customize any document, report or scorecard. The very short learning curve is another asset for users who are fast learning to use the reports they need, without having to resort to the services of the IT department.


The data your organization generates can exist on various storage media and in various formats. SocrateBI integrates all these sources into a unitary system, which aims to provide information to any beneficiary of the platform.


Regardless of the ERP solution you have implemented, it can be connected to SocrateBI after the creation of specific connectors. The data will be subjected to a transformation process using ETL tools and uploaded to the Data Warehouse, then being the basis of all objects and reports.


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