The Best Tools and Techniques to Improve Supply Chain Management

Date: 12-07-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi




Supply chain management focuses on the process of getting a product from the ground or delivery of raw goods into the hands of the consumer. However, in practice that requires a lot of complicated procedures to manage closely, and doing so efficiently and cost-effectively requires a powerful software tool.


Whether you're managing a warehouse or a group of warehouses, here are the requirements for a robust supply chain management software program.



It's in the Cloud


The cloud has a lot of advantages. You do not need to hire IT experts to keep the software on your own server. That makes the cloud much more affordable. You don't have to make a capital investment in the additional IT equipment or find, hire and pay attentional staff to manage the program.


The program is always up to date. Because the cloud is its core business, the provider has the economy of scale to hire many IT experts, including people who know the most effective and up-to-date techniques to protect networks from hackers, professional spies and criminals. They do a better job at that than the IT departments supporting companies with different core businesses.


Your business data is safer in the cloud, because, for security, cloud providers store data in different locations on at least two separate servers. Therefore, if one server goes out, the provides pulls your data from the backup server. If you hosted the software on just your server, all the data it generated would be vulnerable to loss from hackers, terrorists, fire and natural disasters.


Also, in the cloud programs are easily scalable. That means that as your business grows, you do not have to spend time and additional funds buying a new server and expanding your network. The provider simply allocates additional computing resources to your account.


Flexible Platform


Every business has its own particular needs and requirements. A wheat distributor has different concerns than the owner of a fleet of trucks. No software tool comes out of the box perfectly designed just for you. Therefore, it's essential you pick a software tool to be customized to your business. 


SocrateCloud has the service-oriented architecture to enable developers to use web services to and rapid application development to create extensions to the supply chain management software platform to supply what your industry needs.


One example is creating new reports that apply to your business, whether it's growing grapes or shipping supplies to other businesses. This also means all kinds of companies, from startups to mature companies, effectively use the best tools.


100% Freedom Open Platform


Although the cloud provider assumes 100% responsibility for keeping their application and your data safe, you also want to have total access to it. That's based on the Data and Application Liberation concepts and is a Service-Oriented Architecture.

That also means that SocrateCloud is are available to you from anywhere. That includes your office, your home or while you're on vacation just checking on operations.


Power and Ease of Use, Creating Efficiency


You want a tool that is state-of-the-art and which includes powerful businesses engines that automate business processes so managers can organize everything from the shipments of raw materials to deliveries to retail stores. The tool must provide a dashboard which allows you to view your performance indicators.


Flexible Integration With Hardware


The best tools are also flexible about the hardware they work with. Your business may have different needs, but in general want to make sure your tool will support Point of Sale devices that take retail sales. Manufacturers often use different devices to track their flow and processes, so you want software that works with them. There are many hand-held devices for inventory management, and orders and receipts, that use scanners and bar codes. There are many such devices now in use in industries at various points in the supply chain, so you need the robust software that handles them all.


Software Integration


The best supply chain management tools integrate well with other software tools and platforms to enhance your business network and connections. Look for a platform that works well with e-commerce platforms so you also sell your product online. Manufacturers use shop floor control software. Therefore, if you're one of those manufacturers you want software that cooperates with what you're already using for your processes. You also want the tool to work well with Google Apps and Microsoft Office programs to evaluate data and create reports. Whether you're in logistics or distribution, your business depends on successful management of the supply chain. The more efficient you are, the more profit you make from your business. The company that makes the most money with the least expenses wins in the long run. You need to find the best supply chain management tools and techniques before your competition does.


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